It’s early morning and I am being escorted to… to the courtroom.

I am barely awake.

Two men walk on either side of me.

I can’t quite register their faces.

My vision seemed blurry and distorted.

I still can’t get over the fact that I… murdered her.

Handcuffs impeding my ability to use them closely bind my hands.

I stumble to a stop before clumsily losing my balance.

It is as though I just broke my ankle.

I grab hold of the officer’s arm to break my fall.

OFFICER: “Hey. Come on.”

He says pushing me upright and pulling me along as my feet lazily slide across the floor.

We enter the courtroom. Finally.

It seemed like we were walking for miles.

The room was not as packed out as I thought it would be.

However, I take a quick glance to my right.

And there I see a group of what could be an upper-class family.

I’m not sure who they are and… It’s too early for me.

Am I dreaming? Is my current existence a lie?

Their faces distorted before my eyes.

Disjointed voices can be heard

Oh no. The voices are back. And still they’re making no sense.

I avert my attention to the front of the court.

The great judge himself sits high in his chair, gavel in hand and his sharp eyes looking down at me with the intent to send me straight to underworld.

I stare at him with puppy eyes in an attempt to win his trust and show… some mercy.

His expression remained… stern.

I am suddenly seated at a table labeled ‘Defense’.

Next to me is Mr. Lucas Scott.

I believe his real surname is Prescott.

Quite a posh guy who is very serious about his job.

But I just like calling him Scott.

We both exchange eye contact.

LUCAS SCOTT: “You’ll be okay.”

He reassured me as he slyly winks at me with a smile.

I trusted him with everything.

He’s like a father I never had. A father I’ve always wanted.

The court proceeding has started

The judge begins to read the details of my crime.


Anabelle drifts into a deep thought

I… wish this could all be forgotten about.

This is not a place for me.

I was given a great opportunity in life.

Uncle Antonious and aunt Narell both planned my future to be a success.

But I was too troublesome to even appreciate their efforts.

I couldn’t get used to their way of living.

I just wanted to have fun… like mother used to do with me.

Those days are well over now.

I don’t know if I would ever see the beautiful outdoor world again.

I will accept my fate to rot in prison.

But I guess Scott is my last line of defense.

If he could convince the judge that I have a… mental issue… then perhaps I may not go to prison but be put in a psychiatric or forensic hospital.

That’s where all the crazy people go. Well… so that I’ve been told.

He told me to remain calm, collected and go with the plan.

He’s done this with for many of his clients. Most of which he won the case.


I slowly come back to reality.

JUDGE THEODORE L. SIMMONDS: “…Of one-million, five-hundred-thousand Honours.”

I didn’t catch the beginning of his sentence.

So I have no idea what the number means. Maybe I should start… listening…

The voices become louder

The… voices are getting louder and unbearable.

I don’t… want to disturb the court process… with my cry for help.

They… won’t understand.

The voices begin to mock and overpower with noise

I can’t hear myself think.

They’re… so loud.

Anabelle begins to cry

They’re so LOUD!


Oh fuck. That did not just happen. I feel utterly ashamed that I don’t want to move.

I can’t even look at Mr. Scott in the eyes after that.

He was probably in the middle of explaining something and I just ruined it.

JUDGE THEODORE L. SIMMONDS: “And… Why should I let Miss Anabelle go on a lighter sentence, Mr. Scott?”

I think I just put the whole plan in jeopardy with my… sudden outburst.

The judge looks even more unforgiving now.

The voices come back and are now reminding me of my crime, repeating over and over again, “You killed her. You’re worthless.”


I think I just jolted in my chair. Everyone is awkwardly staring at me.

I remain calm as if nothing ever happened.

The judge didn’t seem too distracted but gave me a stern look–“with his balding, spotty head, wrinkling forehead, baggy eyes… I bet he has a smelly breath”— Oh shut up.

Why is this taking so long?

Anabelle squirm in her chair

Once again… the voices are back.

They sound very frustrated and angry right now that I feel like furiously punching someone.

I’m trying to keep calm to not show any signs of distress or outward frustration.

It’s becoming a challenge as the voices all mock me. “You stupid girl. You’re going to suffer. You can’t hide from me.”

My legs begin to shake as if I needed the toilet really badly.

It’s becoming apparent that my… voices will not rest for whatever reason – “I am right here.”

I decide to pay some attention to hear my sentencing.

But that is proving to be such a challenge in it’s self.

I can only see their mouths moving and hands waving but I can’t hear anything they’re saying.


Slowly as I look around… each of their faces begin to reshape, distort and express sinister, evil smiles.

Where in the fuck am I?

Dark shadowy illusions appear behind various people in the courtroom ready to kill including Mr. Scott

The room begins to fill up with a black haze of smoke

No. No not again.

The dark illusion move closer to Anabelle

She frantically jumps out of her chair and holds closely unto Mr. Scott’s arm to avoid the entity

ANABELLE: (screeching) “No! STOP!”

I suddenly realize that nothing was there. It was… I find myself grabbing hold of Mr. Scott’s arm. Squeezing it for dear life.

JUDGE THEODORE L. SIMMONDS: “That is enough, Miss Anabelle.”

LUCAS SCOTT: “Your Honour, may I just say that it would be ideal that my client be put into a mental health institution. Prison is not the best condition for her.”

JUDGE THEODORE L. SIMMONDS: “Mr. Scott, I was not born yesterday. Your client is clearly putting on an act and it is not working. Not with me.”

LUCAS SCOTT: “Your Honour… This is not an act. She is clearly showing signs of a disability—”

JUDGE THEODORE L. SIMMONDS: “I’ve heard enough. Will the defendant please stand.”

I stood up from my chair as ordered.

JUDGE THEODORE L. SIMMONDS: “Sentencing at this matter of the first degree murder charge is not discretionary. Under the law of the realm of Phoenix, you are sentenced to the Phoenix Penitentiary State Prison, for the first degree murder charge of Camila Hamilton…”

Just hearing those words make me shiver.

JUDGE THEODORE L. SIMMONDS: “… you are sentenced to the Phoenix Penitentiary State Prison for thirty-five years without the possibility of parole…”


I’m… I’m only fourteen…

Anabelle begins to cry

That’s… outrageous.

ANABELLE: (crying) “Please… give me another chance. I’m not a bad person.”

Anabelle begins to show violent behaviour

ANABELLE: “I made a mistake…”

Police officers restrain Anabelle as she tries wrestles to free herself

ANABELLE: (crying) “I’m sorry.”

The voices return with mixed emotions, mocking and laughing at her

ANABELLE: “Leave… Leave me ALONE!”

The entire courtroom is in commotion as officers struggle to pin Anabelle down

ANABELLE: (enraged) “Let go of me! LET GO OF ME!”

Anabelle is stunned a taser and is incapacitated

LUCAS SCOTT: “Please… go easy on her.”

What’s happening to me?

I feel a sudden shock running through my body as the officers hold me down.

I… I can faintly hear Mr. Scott.

There’s not much else he can do.

I think I just ruined my chances of a lighter sentencing now.

I’m sorry Scott. I’m… sorry, Camila. I’m sorry… mother.

Before I know it… I’m being escorted out of the room.

Everything is blurry to me.

No one is making much sense anymore.

The voices are even louder that it’s giving me a headache.

A lot of angry and frightened faces look at me as I am carried out of the room.

I can just imagine what they are all thinking.

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