A day has gone out of… many more to come.

A sudden loud noise of a bell through a PA system and patrolling officers shouting in command—

OFFICER JUSTINE CAMERON: (shouting) “Rise and shine inmates!”

Ow… Arg…

W-what time is it?

There’s no clock to be seen in the cell. Not that I expected there to be one.

I sit upright on the edge of the bed thinking about my plans for the day.

The mysterious girl groggily gets up from her slumber.

I hold back the will to engage in conversation as I felt that I have no authority to speak to her.

As she gets up her brows were furrowed and eyes squinted.

She took a moment to regain her sense before getting out of the bed.

She hardly acknowledged me.

Anabelle’s stomach rumbles

Feeling hungry. I haven’t eaten in a while. I wonder if they will be serving breakfast.

I remain in silence and watch my… cellmate fix her bed.

Perhaps I should do the same.

She seems to be in a routine. Probably following the prison routine.

I have a sudden urge to say something…

I doubt I’d get a response from her.

ANABELLE: “What’s the… plan?”

It was just a casual question that I couldn’t refrain from asking.

I just don’t want to be left out of the loop.

She pauses for a moment and looks back at me with a peculiar expression.

CELLMATE: “You may want to start by fixing your bed.”

Her voice. It’s so… gentle and… sweet.

I can’t quite age her but she looks mature yet sounds very young.

She returns to fixing her bed.

She does it with such grace. The way she hurls the blanket with precision to fit the mattress.

It reminds me of the days living with uncle and auntie.

Every morning I’d wake up, fix my bed, and have a shower, brush my teeth and then breakfast.

And then I would do fun activities during the day; watch TV, play with… cousin Juliet…

Anabelle cries softly

I’ll miss them.

CELLMATE: “Are you alright?”

Anabelle pauses

Just at the sound of her voice pulls me back to reality.

It’s just satisfying. Or am I just grateful that she’s actually talking?

I quickly dry my tears and compose myself.

ANABELLE: “Yes, I’m… fine.”

I answer whilst putting on a fake smile.

She looked at me with consideration.

CELLMATE: “What’s the matter?”

Anabelle begins to cry

I found it difficult to respond with honesty.

She sat beside me on the bed and put her arm around my shoulder.

CELLMATE: “It’s okay.”

Those words. They remind of… Mr Scott.

She… hugs me. Something I wasn’t expecting.

I suddenly feel… reassured.

However… it’s… too soon to even trust anyone in this place.

She seems a little reluctant to properly introduce herself… well at this moment.

She gets up to complete her morning duty.

CELLMATE: “Come on. Finish your bed, the guards are going to let us out soon for shower and breakfast.”

ANABELLE: “Is there a set schedule?”

CELLMATE: “Yeah, there is: wake up, fix your bed, go shower, morning leisure, breakfast and then… more. That’s just the morning. I can guide you through the day so you can get an idea. Although, I may not be with you all the time.”

Sounds like a good idea… But—

ANABELLE: “What do you mean?”

CELLMATE: “Well today I have to be in the library. Unless… you want to join me?”


OFFICER LAILA WATSKY: “Hurry up inmates…”

The prison guard, prompting us to finish tidying up our cell, interrupts our conversation.

CELLMATE: “Come. Finish up so we can get out.”

Anxiety clouds my head.

I’m not ready to leave the comfort of the cell.

Upon finishing tidying up we wait patiently by the cell door waiting to be let out.

A loud buzz is heard as the cell doors are opened.

That sound just burrowed into my head.

It’s going to take a while to get used to that.

Anabelle and her cellmate both exit their cell

I followed after… my cellmate.

We still haven’t properly introduced ourselves.

Anabelle looks around the cellblock

There’s so many of us and I don’t think that’s even half of us.

We line up along the wall as officers watch closely at our every move.

ANABELLE: (whispering) “What’s happening now?”

CELLMATE: (whispering) “Just follow their orders and keep silent.”

I just wanted to be certain of the situation although, I sense no danger right at this moment.

I guess it’d be best to keep silent. Just like everyone else.

We walk in a single file towards the cellblock exit.


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