DAY 4 — 16th NADITE 1995





Anabelle wakes up from her slumber and turn onto her back

Good morning world. I arise for another day.

My fourth day in the shit hole and I still haven’t quite adjusted yet.

It’s so cold even when I’m covered under this duvet.


So far I haven’t done much since I’ve arrived and things haven’t been so eventful.

I’ve only spent time in the library for the past few days reading books and talking to Ana.

My experience in the yard was strange. I don’t even know what had happened…

Anastasia yawns

ANABELLE: “Morning.”

ANASTASIA: “Morning, Ana.”

ANABELLE: “Sleep well?”

ANASTASIA: (yawns) “Wasn’t too bad…”

Anastasia stretches her arms out

ANASTASIA: “Hey, I’ve been wanting to ask you something…”

Anabelle gets up from under the duvet and sit on the side of the bed

ANABELLE: “Sure. Go ahead.”

ANASTASIA: “Well it might be a lil personal and I… don’t want to grieve you with… heavy topics.”

I don’t mind heavy topics but I am curious as to where this may lead.

ANABELLE: “No no. Ask away.”

ANASTASIA: (hesitant) “Uhm… I’ve been curious about that marking on your hand. What is it?”

ANABELLE: “Oh. It’s a tattoo of my mother’s name, Rakell.”

ANASTASIA: “Oh cool. I mean… not in that sense. She’s… dead right?”

ANABELLE: “Yes. She died ten years ago. I had it done about two years ago.”

ANASTASIA: “I remember you mentioning that yesterday. I’ve always wanted a tattoo but I couldn’t decide on a design, knowing that it’ll be engraved on my skin forever. What was it like getting it done – Did it hurt?”

ANABELLE: (bumptious) “It was excruciating. But I firmed it like a champ.”

ANASTASIA: “But how did you get yours done? My parents didn’t condole tattoo or body modifications. They said it was… evil. Plus I’m too young to have one.”

I can’t stand people like that.

One little thing that goes against their ethics and automatically you’re evil.

Fuck sake it pisses me off so much.

ANABELLE: “I had an acquaintance who does body art. My uncle and aunt too were also against body art and extreme modifications. They saw it as impure. But this tattoo is something meaningful – to me at least.”

ANASTASIA: “Did they ever find out?”

ANABELLE: “Eventually. My uncle went demon on me and soon kicked me out of the house. As punishment I was forced to sleep in the pool house — until he forgave me a few hours later. It was then he saw me as a bad influence to his children and his opinion of me changed.”

ANASTASIA: “Empyrean [Heaven] knows what my parents would do if I went against their rules. What’s it been like for you without your mother?”

Over the years I’ve found it hard to let go of that grieving feeling of mother not being around.

It’s mainly due to the fact that I never got to say goodbye to her.

ANABELLE: “It’s been quite hard. But I’ll get over it. Someday.”

ANASTASIA: “I’m still not quite over the death of my parents. I feel resentful of my actions.”

ANABELLE: “How long is your sentence?”

ANASTASIA: “Originally it was fifty years but reduced to twenty.”

Anabelle stares at her in disbelief

Twenty years?

Why did I get thirty-five?

ANABELLE: “Wait, you’re doing twenty years? I got thirty-five years…?”

ANASTASIA: “Thirty-five years?”

ANABELLE: “Yes. Thirty-five years for… murder.”

Anastasia stares at Anabelle surprised

ANASTASIA: “That’s a long time. You’re just lucky you weren’t given a life sentence.”

ANABELLE: (angrily) “I’d be fifty. Old and wrinkly.”

ANASTASIA: “There are others who are serving a life sentence—”

ANABELLE: “So. I wanna be out in the world. Free to do what I like. Enjoying life.”

ANASTASIA: “Well there is a chance that they might let you out early for good behaviour or… bail.

ANABELLE: “Good behaviour? Bail? How do I get out on bail?”

ANASTASIA: “Well… unless you… have a someone who really cares about you they can pay the bail bond upfront… and get you out. It’s basically buying your way out of prison.”

Oh Lucas. Please save me.

ANABELLE: “Any idea on how much?”

ANASTASIA: “The price varies and depending on the severity of the crime or even just the type of crime. However, I heard for murder the bail bond is really high. You just have to hope that someone out there who is rich enough and willing to spend that kind of money…”

Will uncle or aunt bail me out? I have my doubts.

ANASTASIA: “By chance, your uncle or aunt probably might bail you out.”

ANABELLE: “I doubt it. My uncle is most likely glad I’m away from the family—”

ANASTASIA: “Don’t say that. Even if you don’t like him that doesn’t mean you should give up on him.”

ANABELLE: (angrily) “I’d rather not have this conversation about my uncle.”

ANASTASIA: “At least you still have relatives who somewhat care about you. I’ve got no one to call. No one visits me or checks up on me.”

As much as I don’t want to argue with her she seems to be in a much deeper situation than me.

She has no one to check on her.

I really hope that Mr. Scott finds a way for me. He said that he’d help me.

ANABELLE: “I’m sorry I raised my voice at you.”

The two finish tidying their cell

ANASTASIA: “Hey, I was thinking… You’ve been here for a few days now and I haven’t given you much of an insight about the prison.”

ANABELLE: “Are there things that I need to know?”

ANASTASIA: “Well… yes. There are things you need to know. Certain people you can talk to and people you should stay away from.”

ANABELLE: “So… does this mean that we’re not going to the library?”

ANASTASIA: “Yes. I’ll… come out of my comfort zone and… show you around during the break. First I need to do my laundry job, which shouldn’t take too long. So you’ll be on your own for the morning.”

ANABELLE: “That’s alright. I’ll just explore for a bit.”

ANASTASIA: “Are you sure? I don’t want anything happening to you.”

ANABELLE: “You sound like my aunt.”

Anastasia chuckles

Finally were not going to be bound to the library for the entire day.

I don’t what it is but it’s about time she’s made the decision to give me a guided tour of the prison.

Good idea or not I want to get as much knowledge as I can.

The more I know the more I can expect the unexpected— (voice deepens) “nullifying the unexpected?”

Anabelle slightly twitches her arm


ANASTASIA: “You sure you’re okay? You’re… spooking me.”

ANABELLE: “I’m good, thanks.”

The cell doors are unlocked and the inmates step out awaiting orders

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