Anabelle slowly opens her eyes to the sound of a television

She sits upright with haste

Where am I?

Anabelle looks around the room confused

She notices two other inmates lying in beds to her right

One is asleep and the other has her attention fixed to the television

Nurse [Marilyn] Swanson enters the room holding a cup of water

NURSE SWANSON: Ah. You’re awake.

ANABELLE: What’s going on? How did I…

NURSE SWANSON: Mmhmm. That must’ve been a mammoth of a headache.

ANABELLE: (groaning) Ow. Ugh.

Nurse Swanson offers the cup of water to Anabelle

I don’t want to be quick to judge but she seems like a pleasant person to be around.

As much as I’m not all for judging the appearance of another person but her face reminds me of Camila.

I know it’s not her but… it brings back so many memories, both good and bad.

I noticed a remarkably long scar across her right forearm.

I can only speculate that it may have been in self-defence or perhaps a bad accident.

I suspect the aforementioned.

Anabelle takes the cup and chugs down the water

ANABELLE: Thanks. What time is it?

NURSE SWANSON: You just missed lunch—


Anabelle makes a hasty attempt to leave the bed but is held back by Nurse Swanson

NURSE SWANSON: Not to worry. We have you covered. Now just lay tight, relax and rest your head. You’ve been fast asleep for a long period of time, a little unusual. How are you feeling?

ANABELLE: Not so well. What happened?

NURSE SWANSON: You fell unconscious and were brought in by an officer.

Nurse Swanson walks to the next room to retrieve a meal for Anabelle

What is actually going on?

Lunch already?

I was only asleep for a couple minutes.

(whispers) “Hello.”

Anabelle cringes suddenly

Oh no stop. I’m not in the mood to talk.

ANABELLE: (silently) Go away. Leave me alone.

“WE WILL NOT leave you.”

ANABELLE: (silently) I’d rather you did. Your tenacity serves me nothing.

“How dare you.”

Nurse Swanson walks into the room holding a tray of food

NURSE SWANSON: Here’s your lunchtime meal…

Anabelle sits upright against the headboard

The nurse places the tray on Anabelle’s lap


Nurse Swanson goes to her desk and begins filling our paper work

There is much elegance in her charisma. So much that I am forced to grow fond of her.

I appreciate the care and consideration too.

But… Nothing.

I’ll accept the meal and leave it as that.

I don’t really have much of an appetite because of this thunderous headache.

My stomach is spiralling just at the sight of the meal.

A poorly assembled burger, some fries, beans, coleslaw, and a small carton of orange juice.

Anabelle turns her attention to the television whilst nipping on a fry

There’s nothing of interest on TV anyway…

The inmate changes the channel

At least it’ll keep me ‘somewhat entertained’ and in touch with the outside world…

“WE are here to fulfil your desires.”

“Yes little one play with us.”

            ANABELLE: (silently) No. I do not wish to play.

Oh shit. I hope they didn’t hear me say that.

Nurse Swanson gets up and goes next door

“You can’t trust her.”

(menacingly) “Kill her.”

Why would I want to kill her?

She hasn’t done anything to me.

Anabelle begins to hallucinate

A figure of Janet enters the room through the main entrance


The figure stares back emotionless as it walks across the room into the next out of sight

Janet, where are you going?

Come back.

Nurse Swanson returns back to her desk

Wait… did she not see anything?

Anabelle turns her attention away from Nurse Swanson

She is startled after noticing Janet’s figure sitting beside her

Anabelle stares at the figure frightened

ANABELLE: (silently) Janet? How did you… get in here?

The environment subtly begins to distort and blacken

Nurse Swanson leaves the room into the next


The figure stands up and walks up to the front door beckoning Anabelle

Anabelle quickly gets out of the bed and follows the figure out of the infirmary



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