The figure is standing across the hallway with her back turned to Anabelle

Anabelle walks up to it


How did she even get in here on her own?

Janet is not that adventurous, a risk taker or a highly skilled combatant.

ANABELLE: What are you doing here?

The figure speaks with a demonic tone

???: We are better without you.

ANABELLE: What? No. I need you guys. I’m sorry for what I did.

???: You deserve to be here.

ANABELLE: No. I don’t.

“You deserve better.”

“You don’t need them.”

“We are all you need.”

The environment distorts and darkens

The figure of Janet vaporises into black smoke

The voices gradually get louder mocking her

Anabelle covers her ears


The scene returns to its original state


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