Nadite 27th 1995

Hello Mother,

Something didn’t seem quite right with me today. I had a very disturbing dream which woke me up this morning. It was so grotesque that I’ve been on edge throughout the day. The dream didn’t make any sense. It began happy and tame; I was living on my own in an average apartment somewhere in the suburban area of Rodchester I would assume. It was a little strange because I was both lost and confused as to what was happening. I was on my way home walking through the acres of rural land with dual carriage and main roads criss-crossing each other. There were people around so at least I wasn’t alone. Later I soon found my way to the apartment by following the bus route that I was familiar with. The apartment wasn’t the cosiest. The neighbourhood was built more like an estate with flats, houses and tower blocks. I had a pet dog which I cared for. I woke up from the dream and tried to piece together the puzzle and make sense of it.

I tried going back to sleep and then another weird one came to me. I was on my way to work and I bumped into Elliot. He was so sweet that I managed to have a conversation with him. I grabbed his hand and gave him a hug. I also gave him a kiss on the lips. That was perhaps the best thing in the dream but sadly it didn’t go so well afterwards. As I entered the building to my workplace I tried to hold on to Elliot for as long as I could. I didn’t want to let him go — it was like I wanted him… all of him. Then, he disappeared. He was nowhere to be found. As I continued to walk up the stairs there were people whom I’d never seen before just walking by. I was a little mythed and shook up. I didn’t think I was at work anymore. Nevertheless, there was a special person who appeared out of nowhere, Ana. She was filled with glee and looked very attractive. Oddly I asked her out but she rejected. Subsequently I woke up. The wind was hitting hard. Must’ve been a terrible storm earlier.

So I tried going back to sleep for the last time. As I closed my eyes I began dreaming again and apparently I was riding a scooter to… somewhere, just being my happy self. Smiling and waving at the huge crowd of onlookers as I tried to do cool tricks. Then all of a sudden at the blink of the eye, nightfall. I heard sirens behind me. At first I thought I was getting in trouble for… doing stunts I suppose. But no. I fell off my scooter and the police van came to a violent stop almost keeling over. The roads were clear of traffic. Some guys came out of the vehicle which has now turned into a black van for some odd reason; the men were wearing black clothing and black masks. Somehow I got front row seats to witness a brutal murder of two dogs. All I could hear were the cries of the poor animals. One was beheaded and the other was shot several times in the head. Afterwards the men continued to beat the dogs with a sledgehammer and dismember them with a hackhandsaw. It was so gross that I cried inside. How could people be so unethical. It was unbearable to watch that I tried to stop them from doing more damage. But what’s the use. They couldn’t hear me.

I woke up for the last time mystified and horrified. Throughout the day I couldn’t help but try to decipher the dream. It could quite possibly have a meaning — Something telling me that something is amiss. I told Ana but she hadn’t a clue. It was like as if I told a scary story as she listened. She kept on um-ing and huh-ring as she tried to come up with an explanation. I didn’t really expect her to. I wasn’t It wasn’t until I mentioned her briefly in the dream that she was all ears. She made a few jokes about it but that was all. I just couldn’t get it off my mind. I was determined to get answers. Maybe I’ll get answers another time.
Dreams are such a weird concept. Concepts of what? For all one knows, the dream could be a meaning for events to come or things that has already transpired. Or it could have been a reenactment of when I murdered Camila. Quite possibly. But there were other things in the dream that hasn’t been fulfilled. I’ll just leave as that. I don’t know what messages was were being conveyed.

Goodnight Mother.

Your only daughter,
Anabelle xxx

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