Loesis 1st 1995

Hello Mother,

I had a very emotional and thoughtful day. The visit I had from Camilla’s parents really hit me at the heart and they really spoke their mind. I was bound in handcuffs so I couldn’t move. All I could do was just sit and listen. Their eyes stared a hole into my soul. I felt the emotions coming from within. It was very tense at first. Just listening to their words crushed my emotions, breaking down the barrier of confidence, exposing my true self. I stared back at them, darting between the two making a mental note of their appearance. Mrs Hamilton looked very healthy and quite a strong, level headed woman. There was something about her that made me want to respect her for the way she looked. Oddly, she had a pleasant aura of energy. As she stared at me I could see that she was doing her very best to hold back the tears. Mr Hamilton looked like a no nonsense kind of guy. He had a not-so-deep but prominent voice that made me want to listen. He was quite handsome… They mainly spoke about how Camila was a good person; she spoke highly of me and that i was an extraordinary individual. I failed to believe that she said such things about me despite all the negative things she’d ever said and done. I just pondered on every word that left each of their mouths. They were quite forgiving. They allowed me to speak, to say what I had to say and my reasoning which only made them more emotionally distressed. I cried with them. I struggled to explain to them what had happened — why I decided to do what I did.

Near the end of their visit they forgave me and accepted my apology. They gave me words to live by, words to that will help me thrive through my life and most of all they gave me a book. It wasn’t an ordinary but a special book that Camila cherished and loved. It was titled ‘Lara’s World – The Philosophy of Life’. Apparently it was intended as a gift to me. Reason? I don’t even know. I’m looking at the first page and it is addressed to me. Why?

For the most part it went better than i thought it did. I was expecting to be verbally burned at the stake and ripped to shreds. I imagined them being aggressive to me. Shouting and flailing their arms recklessly as if they would be fighting a swarm of flies.


That’ll be all for the night. Hopefully I’ll see better days ahead and to get out of this nightmare.

Goodnight mother.

Your only daughter,
Anabelle xxx

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