Loesis 2nd 1995

Hello Mother,

Been feeling anxious and uncomfortable today. During lunch time Raisa and her crew kept looking at me like as if they were planning something. They made random gestures but I tried to not even acknowledge them. There wasn’t another table that looked inviting so I remained where I was with Ana. She seemed awfully quiet. She slowly ate her food and stared at it. She tried to have a conversation with me but was either muttering or speaking softly making difficult for me to understand her. She seemed a little uncomfortable, fidgeting and adjusting herself on the chair as if she was desperate for the restroom. Lunch time ended and she left with such haste and Raisa and her crew followed after her shoving and barging into me as i tried to stand up. I held back myself from retaliating and sneakily followed them out of the cafeteria. Their walking speed increased to the point of running. They turned the corner out of my line of sight and i heard a little shriek which was quickly silenced. I peeped around the corner and saw Ana held up against the wall. I felt the need to intervene but I couldn’t — something didn’t want me to. I could only watch as they violently beat her up. There weren’t any officers in the vicinity to break up the fight.
Moments later they threw her on the ground like a discarded piece of paper and continued walking down the hallway as a group. They taunted her as they walked passed as if she was a scum on the street. I went to comfort her and saw that she was badly wounded, her eyes bruised, her lips and nose bleeding from those punches she received. I took her to the hospital to be taken care of. I’m in the cell… alone. An empty bed situated opposite me, void of any soul. I just hope that she’s alright. I hope that whatever she’s got herself into that she can get out of it with her life.

I really   I’m really scared for her. I don’t want anything else serious to happen. She’s not telling me anything. I hope it all turns out well for her… nothing too drastic… nothing life threatening.

I wonder if I’m the trouble…

I guess-

Well, I’m going to get some rest.


Goodnight mother,

Your only daughter,
Anabelle xxx

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