Loesis 3rd 1995


Hello Anabelle,

It has been a few months since you ended my life on Atla, although where I reside now, time is not of the essence here. You are probably wondering where I am and how am I writing in your very own diary. Yes I have been listening to you and I have seen the things that you have been up to. It is about time I came out and made my presence known. You named your diary after your mother, I see. That is so adorable. Has she not yet responded? Pity. For someone who loves her mother so much that she would write to her every night. Tell her these tales of your pathetic life. Perchance, your life would have been exhilarating if she was still alive. Possibly all of this could have been avoided. What if she is watching you right now but refuses to respond? A sense of disfavour? Not that it really matters anymore… to me at least. I am in a much better place or … places for that matter.

That thought you had about seeing me in the afterlife and me torturing you… why should I wait when I could do it now? You are nothing more than a negligible sharecropper. A figurehead. I am contented at the lost of your privileges. Serving 35 years under horrendous, inhumane conditions. Good for you. If only you had been given the death penalty. Perhaps this is my way of agonising you. I can never forgive you for what you had done to me, to my friends and to my family. On the contrary, watching you suffer is pleasure for me.


Nonetheless, I must return to my lavish life in the land beyond the skies…
And I will be watching you closely.

On a light note — You may address me as Cam, if you wish to speak to me again. I will surely be waiting.

Goodbye, my one and only nemesis

Your adversary,
[Rogue] Camila H.

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