2nd NOVEMBER 1995


Anabelle wakes up from her slumber, stretching her arms out and yawning.

Ah, another beautiful morning in a beautiful environment.

I still can’t get over the fact that I am actually not in prison anymore.

Sleeping in a soft divan bed with soft bed sheets and duvet, and a lovely, refreshing lilac smell filling the room.

I… I feel at home— I am at home.

No more will I be hearing the clanging of cell doors, the chatter of inmates reverberating through the environment and prison guards shouting orders.

At least I know now that I have more freedom to do, as I like.

Of course now I’ve learnt my lesson and should aim to not make the same mistakes.

I should look to start new, make new friends and get my life back on track.

I guess this is the work of the Almighty Ones giving me another chance in life and I should be grateful.

At least I haven’t missed much.

It’s nice to have someone who sincerely cares about me and is willing to help.

I also find it a coincidence that she is my stepmother.

I wonder how it came to be.

She’s so young taking care of two children. I honestly don’t know how she does it.

Outside the room Anabelle can hear her siblings running around getting ready for school. Rakaya is yelling from them kitchen hustling Christabelle and Gabriel.

RAKAYA: Guys, come on. You’re gonna be late on your first day!

CHRISTABELLE: We’re coming mom!

GABRIEL: Mom, Christabelle lost my tie!

RAKAYA: No, I have your tie right here. Now hurry up!

It’s just adorable hearing their little, cheery voices and their little footsteps running around.

They both are such interesting little kids; for twins they sure have their own characteristics.

Christabelle, being the eldest, is quite fun and a pleasure to be around with.

I get a sense that she’s a social butterfly just by the way she talks about all her friends that are “too numerous” for me to remember.

Her big eyes, cute smile, dimples and bubbly personality make her all a joy to be around.

Gabriel, on the other hand, has a slightly more boyish and shy personality: not so loud and obnoxious, and tends to keep to himself unless he’s arguing with his sister.

It’s cute when they’re both arguing and blaming each other over silly things, but I have a slight hunch that Christabelle marginally bully’s her brother.

Hmm. Perhaps I should make my presence known before they go.

Anabelle gets out of bed and leaves her room to greet her stepmother and siblings.

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