*knock knock*

*knock knock knock*

Ugh… what time is it?

Seven twelve…

Christabelle is standing outside Anabelle’s room.


CHRISTABELLE: Big sis, are you awake?

Anabelle gets out of her bed and opens the door.

My little sister stands outside my bedroom door with a pitiful expression.

Her hair is all scruffy and she looks like she had been up all night.

Mother must’ve given her a good telling-off last night after my talk with her.

I feel bad but at the same time it was for the best.

Mother even said that Christabelle doesn’t get away with bad behaviour so this is probably not the first time she has been told off about her attitude, but I hope it’s the last.

She’s a sweet girl and shouldn’t behave like that towards others.

ANABELLE: Hey Chris, what’s the matter?

CHRISTABELLE: Sorry for waking you up, but I wanted to thank you for last night. I did a lot of thinking and mommy spoke to me about it and you were right, I was being a bit of a bully to my brother and it really was affecting both of us.

ANABELLE: Chris, it’s okay. As long as you acknowledge your actions and realise the consequences is all right. It’s okay to tease each other every now and then, but you should learn to set boundaries and say enough. You’re both cute but I did feel that you pushed it a little overboard last night setting your brother up like. Now that doesn’t mean you should be miserable for the rest of your life, I like to see both of you have fun and make jokes, but do it in a way that it doesn’t antagonise you both. I thought it was sweet that he drew a picture of the family but you didn’t make any positive remarks about it. All you did was criticise the way you was depicted and his terrible handwriting. There’s no need to be so self-centred. I have a cousin who is self-centred and she doesn’t care about her own little sister, she didn’t even care about me. To her everyone is just an object that she can use and abuse. I don’t want you to be like that. I believe you have a bright future ahead of you—a very bright future. Don’t ruin it by being negative. I’m sure mommy said the same things to you.

CHRISTABELLE: Thank you, big sis. It really means a lot to me. I feel like I have learnt a lot of things that I was so unaware of that I never thought it could really affect others.

ANABELLE: You were aware of it. You just became blind to it and allowed yourself to behave like that because you thought it was funny. But like I said before: learn to set boundaries, learn to draw back and say “enough now”.

CHRISTABELLE: Thanks. I’ll be sure to remember that and teach my friends. And yes, mommy told me something similar.

ANABELLE: Good. Come here.

Anabelle and Christabelle hug.

ANABELLE: I love you, sister and I’m sorry for getting angry with you.

CHRISTABELLE: I’m sorry too.

ANABELLE: Cool. Now go get ready for school.

CHRISTABELLE: Can you make me breakfast?

ANABELLE: Uh… We can do it together and make enough for everyone else.


ANABELLE: Great. Let me tidy my room real quick and freshen up, and I’ll be with you. Have you tidied your room, brush your teeth, showered?

CHRISTABELLE: Yes, yes and no.

ANABELLE: Well how about you go do that then?

CHRISTABELLE: Are you trying to say I smell bad?

ANABELLE: No, but personal hygiene is a good thing, especially in the morning. I had to do it everyday when I was in prison. It doesn’t have to be a long one, just rinse yourself, use soap and trust me you’ll feel much cleaner.

CHRISTABELLE: Okay. I’ll be done in five minutes.

ANABELLE: Great. See you in a moment.

She hurries away to prepare herself for the shower.

What a way to start my morning.

It wasn’t that bad and I understand that she feels bad for her antagonistic behaviour, but at least she acknowledges it.

I hope little brother isn’t taking it too hard.

I want to properly bond with them when they come back from school and do some activities together with them.

Probably get mother involved if she’s not too busy.

I don’t want any friction between anyone in this family, they all are really nice and cheerful, and I don’t want that family value ruined.

Right, let me tidy my room before she finishes.

I got the feeling that she’s attempting to race, to see who would finish first…

I guess I lose by default…

Ah well.

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