Anabelle is finishing her home schooling session with her tutor Mrs Ryon.

A day of learning and getting myself back on track with my education, I must say it’s been good but I’ve lost the patience to pay any more attention.

No offence, she’s fun for the most part but I really want to just get out of the house and go explore.

Sitting here listening to… my tutor, Mrs Ryon, babble is beginning to bore me or maybe I’m just distracted, give or take.

Mother told me that she is strict and would expect me to maintain a high level of skill.

I wouldn’t want to fail either of them nor would I want to fail myself again.

I should consider proving myself of great value and should aim to be the best I could ever be: A well educated individual and very sociable.

I better start paying attention if I want to succeed.

I can’t remember what she’s talking about now…

Nope. Not a clue.

MRS RYON: You’re a lot more advanced than I thought and you’ve certainly proven your skill in literacy. I’m very impressed.

ANABELLE: I enjoy both reading and writing. It’s relaxing and a way of expressing my inner thoughts and feelings… and expanding my vocabulary.

MRS RYON: Also, reading is a good way of increasing your knowledge depending on the topic. I assume you like learning about factual topics rather than fiction?

ANABELLE: Yeah. I like learning about the facts, it makes me feel more intellectual and wise. But it is also good to learn the opposite.

MRS RYON: Yes it is. It’s always good to compare different mediums, statements and stories to make your own opinions and to have better understanding. But anyways we’re way off topic. I’m going to set you some homework or rather exercise, something fairly simple just to get the ball rolling…

Mrs Ryon takes out two booklets and hands them to Anabelle.

MRS RYON: Here you go; One is for you to read through and revise and the other contains thirty-four questions, a mixture of short and long answers, multiple-choice questions and all you have to do is answer them. I’m a hundred per cent sure you can do it.

ANABELLE: No problem, Mrs Ryon. I’ll have it completed in no time.

MRS RYON: Take your time no need to rush. Often when people, especially kids, rush their homework they don’t realise their own mistakes and you don’t really learn much. So take your time and go through it carefully. After all, it is literacy so you wouldn’t want to make grammatical and punctuation errors.

ANABELLE: Ah… of course not.

MRS RYON: So the deadline for this is Thursday, so you have plenty of time. Well… I must get going. It’s been a good session and I look forward to your development. So I’ll see you on Thursday?

Rakaya enters the living room.

ANABELLE: Yes… Thursday—

RAKAYA: How’s she getting on?

MRS RYON: Very well Ms Rue. I’m surprised at her high skill level and knowledge.

RAKAYA: So am I. [to Anabelle] I never thought you’d really be into reading and writing. You do have quite an extensive vocabulary. I guess all that private schooling helped—

ANABELLE: Well… yes. But I gotta give props to my cousin. I took a leaf from his books and decided to be like him… for a short while. Often when uncle grounded me from playing outside or watching TV I would resort to reading.

MRS RYON: I can’t stand TV. Some people call it the “idiot box” and I don’t disagree with them. I’m a little old school and I don’t own a television. My husband is greatly against it.

ANABELLE: So… doesn’t it get boring without… at least one TV?

MRS RYON: Not at all. If we get bored, we’ll go out somewhere. There’s much to explore in the open world than to be stuck in front of a projection box.

RAYAKA: We don’t really watch TV. It’s mostly for the kids if they want to stay inside and entertain themselves, but they don’t really spend hours sitting in front of it. They do sometimes play mini games together…

MRS RYON: Well… I need to get going. It’s been a good session and I’ll see you on Thursday.

ANABELLE: Bye Mrs Ryon.

RAKAYA: Bye and take care of yourself.

Mrs Ryon leaves the house.

ANABELLE: That was… good. Can I go outside?

RAKAYA: And do what?

ANABELLE: Play? Or… get some fresh air? I’ve been inside for most of the day.

RAKAYA: Not until you’ve made a start on your homework… if you’ve been set one.

ANABELLE: Oh yeah sure. I’ll make a start on it, but I don’t want to rush it all at once.

RAKAYA: I didn’t imply that you would have to complete it in an instant, just make a start and then leave the rest for later. However it is important that you get it done before the deadline. That’s one thing I cannot do: missing a deadline or leaving work unfinished or at the last minute. I hate it.

ANABELLE: How do you deal with that kind of stuff?

RAKAYA: Just create a timetable, plan out your day… or week and once you start getting into the habit of following that it’ll be normal. It sounds mundane, I know but you don’t have to do it all at once, unless you really want to. It’s entirely up to you, but never leave work to the last minute. Learn to priorities tasks and it’ll make your work flow manageable. Procrastination is the devil’s friend and there’s nothing worse than missing the deadline and not completing the work…

I understand what she’s saying.

It makes absolute sense.

However, doing a timetable makes me feel like I’m in prison all over again.

Feeling constrained to a schedule or routine takes away the freedom I wish to enjoy.

But I guess it doesn’t all have to be… boring and tedious.

I can get all the boring stuff out of the way so I can have the rest of the day to myself.

May as well get to it then and stop stalling.

RAKAYA: D’you understand?

ANABELLE: Uh… yeah, I understand. I’ll spend sometime doing the homework and I’ll go out in the park.

RAKAYA: Sounds good enough to me. I’m going to finish some… stuff and then get ready to pick up your sister and brother from school. I’ll give you a spare key so you’re not locked out of the house. This is the first step of being a responsible adult, don’t bring any one into the house whilst I’m away and don’t do anything silly. You already know the consequences. I trust you.

ANABELLE: No need to remind me. [grins]

RAKAYA: Well… I’ll keep reminding you so you won’t forget and become wayward. Now let’s stop stalling and get to it. I’m sure you want to get out as soon as.

Anabelle runs to her bedroom and makes a start on her homework.

One hour later.

ANABELLE: [hastily] Okaymomfinishedmyhomeworkgoingoutbye!—

RAKAYA: Wait! Not so fast. Are you sure you’ve done it properly?

ANABELLE: Yah. I did the best I could. I got through most of the questions and I only have a few more to do. It’ll be done by tomorrow.

RAKAYA: Okay. Sorry to police you but I don’t want to feel like I’m wasting my money getting you to finish what should be your last year of secondary school. This is the important year of secondary school before moving on to college and I’m certain that you want to go to a good college, so don’t fool around.

ANABELLE: I’ll be sure to make it worth your investment. Can I go now?

RAKAYA: Why are you so eager and overly excited? Is… everything all right? No wait… your not seeing a “male friend”, are you?

ANABELLE: Yes I’m okay and no I don’t have a boyfriend, yet. I’m hoping to meet Tamaki again.


ANABALLE: She’s a girl I met a few days ago in the park. She said her family recently moved here not too long ago. She’s really cool. We briefly talked about our interest in music and I want to get a few ideas together.

RAKAYA: Ah yes. This friend you briefly mentioned. That’s good on you. Well…I need to get going. Take good care of yourself, don’t stay out late and definitely do not wander too far. And don’t leave the door unlocked.

ANABELLE: I won’t.

RAKAYA: Right gotta go. I won’t be too long. Take care.

ANABELLE: Drive safely.

Rakaya leaves the house.


I’ve got the time to be independent once again with some responsibility.

This is good timing.

Hopefully I will see Tamaki at the park otherwise I would be wasting my time.

I should take into consideration that she does, from what I can gather, have strict parents, so there’s a fifty-fifty chance seeing her.

If I can guess right she’s probably on her way home and providing that she doesn’t have any homework she’ll get to play out.

[sighs] Homework. It’s such a hindrance especially when you have your day or evening planned out for some entertainment.

What’s mother got to worry about?

I’ll do just fine.

It’ll all be fine just as long as I remain focus.

It won’t hurt to have a little bit of fun and I don’t want to grow up miserable.

Anyways, enough talking to myself…

I’ll borrow Chris’ cassette player, if she doesn’t mind…

She’s not here to stop me and she can get angry with me for all I care.

Nah I’m just kiddin’.

I’m not going to break it.

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