Anabelle and Tamaki are staring at a body of an individual lying unconsciously behind a tree in some shrubbery.

They stare at it in shock fearing the worst of events that may have led to this predicament.

Tamaki moves closer to identify the body.


TAMAKI: [gasps in shock] Oh no. Lola!

Tamaki kneels down next Lollia gently nudges her and then checks her pulse for vitality.

ANABELLE: Is she alive?

TAMAKI: Yeah. I wonder how long she’s been here. It’s not a very nice place to take a nap. LOLLIA!

Tamaki budges hard forcing Lollia out of her sleep.

Lollia wakes up in fright.

LOLLIA: [terrified] Arrgh! Tamaki, get out of my room!

TAMAKI: We’re not in your room, but it is similar.

LOLLIA: [excited] ARGH! Oh Tammy, you came back for me!

Lollia hugs Tamaki.

TAMAKI: Of course, I would never think of leaving you behind.

LOLLIA: [groggily] Argh. Shit. Where am I?

TAMAKI: Why are you out here? Is everything okay?

LOLLIA: [groggily] I can’t remember. I feel dizzy. Where’s my bike?

TAMAKI: It’s over there… It’s in pretty rough shape. What were the tools for?

LOLLIA: Tools? What tool?

Lollia slowly gets up to assess the situation.

Her attention is immediately focused onto Anabelle.

LOLLIA: Who the fuck are you?

I hope she isn’t talking to me like that or else I’ll…


ANABELLE: I’m Anabelle.

TAMAKI: This is our new friend.

LOLLIA: New friend? Ha! [gasps in shock] WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO MY BIKE!

ANABELLE: We found it like that.


TAMAKI: Lolly, calm down.

LOLLIA: [angry] ARRGH! [crying] No! It’s ruined!


TAMAKI: We kinda thought that you would’ve vandalised it yourself.

LOLLIA: [crying] Why would I? [to Anabelle] I bet it was you!

Lollia squares up to Anabelle, getting right up into her face.

I will smack the shit out of her!

Why the fuck is she up in my face?

I’m so close to throwing my fist in her face and burying her in…

I’ll play it neutral.

She does seem very out of her head and that’s probably how she is.

That’s going to change.

She’s not going to continue with that attitude around me.

There’s a small stink coming from her, which is making it harder to endure this stare down.

It smells a little like alcohol or beer… some sort of beverage that she shouldn’t be consuming.

Her pupils are dilated as though she is high on some illegal substance.

An astute observation, but that is worrying and the alarm bells in my head are ringing.

However, she doesn’t intimidate me and if she wants to fight then…

Ah fuck it.

ANABELLE: Why are you accusing me? We’ve only just met.

LOLLIA: I wasn’t accusing you. I was just thinking hypothetically. Don’t get mad at me.

Lollia inspects the tools strewn around the area.

TAMAKI: What are you looking for?

LOLLIA: I’m doing detective work; examining for potential clues.

TAMAKI: What do you expect to find?

LOLLIA: A clue! That’ll help lead me to the culprit. And when I find them I’ll kill ‘em!

TAMAKI: No you won’t!

Lollia picks up the screwdriver and points it aggressively at Tamaki.

LOLLIA: [darkly] Yes I will.

TAMAKI: Don’t do that. You’re scaring me.

Lollia continues to inspect the tools and her ATV.

I’m gonna ask her something, but I’ll be taking a risk and I don’t know how she’ll react.

She does look like the crazy type of girl or a little rascal who is the menace of the neighbourhood.

I can probably see why most people hate her.

However, she’s just a little girl.

I don’t know how old she is but she looks quite young.

ANABELLE: What if it belongs to your grandfather?

Lollia pauses for a moment and looks at Anabelle.

Uh oh. Her expression looks a lot more serious than a moment ago.

She looks less… inebriated.

Lollia notices the rucksack lying on the ground.

LOLLIA: [sober, gasps] Oh shit. Oh… you FUCKER!

Uh… Now I’ve unleashed the devil inside her as she shouts to the heavens—

LOLLIA: [rampant] ARRRRGH!


LOLLIA: [shouting angrily] That fucker broke my bike! I hate him!

TAMAKI: Are you sure those belong to him?

LOLLIA: He’s the only idiot who carries work tools in a rickety rucksack. ARRGH!

Lollia paces around her ATV, muttering and is aggressively throwing tantrums.

ANABELLE: [whispers to Tamaki] I feel that there’s more to the story. Did you notice an unusual smell on her?

TAMAKI: [whisper] No, why?

ANABELLE: [whisper] I’m just… speculating, but there is a noticeable smell of alcohol on her breath. It could be alcohol or beer…

TAMAKI: [whisper] Is that what that smell is? I know alcohol is really bad for you. She wouldn’t really be intoxicated?

ANEBELLE: [whisper] Probably. I also noticed a couple of discarded cans on the side of the road on our way here. She can’t be drunk, can’t she?

TAMAKI: [whisper] I do not wish to believe that. Maybe it belonged to somebody else—

LOLLIA: [angered] ARRRGH!

Lollia attempts to start her bike but to no avail.

LOLLIA: [saddened] Aw… it doesn’t even WORK! ARRGH!

Sheesh she’s so loud and obnoxious.

I can’t say I hate her though since I feel that the cause of her behaviour is her grandfather and he has some serious explaining to do.

How dare he treat her like this!

Lollia makes a second attempt to start the bike.

TAMAKI: Come on Lolly, it’s no use. It’s broken.

LOLLIA: Shut up! I will get it to work.

TAMAKI: But it won’t. The tires are flat, handle bar is damaged and—


Tamaki attempts to pacify Lollia.

TAMAKI: Come on, I know it’s your favourite bike but you can’t stay here grieving and throwing tantrums over it and plus… Ana and I need to be home by six.

LOLLIA: [saddened] Aw don’t leave me… I… I don’t wanna go back home. Granddad doesn’t like me and he said he’d kill me.

TAMAKI: Well… should we call the police? He shouldn’t be making such threats like that and this is for your own safety.

LOLLIA: I don’t wanna call the police… They hate me too. [cries] Plus I’ve been drinking so I will get in trouble for sure.

TAMAKI: What!..

I knew it.

At least she confessed so… that’s out of the way, but it’s the matter of how and why she did it.

ANABELLE: Look, we can help you and maybe we don’t have to involve the police.

LOLLIA: [sternly] What’s your plan then?

My plan is actually the best or the most civil for this matter but I’m putting myself between good and bad: Either I try to convince her grandfather to treat her with respect and set a good example to her or I take sides with Lollia and… act aggressively towards her grandfather.

I don’t know how this will turn out but I assume that it won’t be pretty.

Maybe the latter option should be my plan ‘B’ if “pacifying” him fails.

I’ll see how it goes but if it all goes down south for Lollia I’ll step in and assert my persona.

Mr G deserves some… telling off.

I sound like an old person: “telling off”.

Also, I’m going to ignore the “alcohol intoxication” scenario as it may potentially cause an unwanted turn of event.

As long as she can hold her ground and remain rational she’ll be fine.

Here I come: “Anabelle the super-girl to the rescue.”

ANABELLE: So the plan will be that we go to the house and… you just try and explain yourself in a calm manner—

LOLLIA: Fuck off! He won’t be so calm. I always fight fire with fire just to even the score, which… works only a few times.

Which is probably the reason why you’re always in trouble.

She reminds me of myself when I used to argue with uncle: Fighting fire with fire only to make the situation worse for myself.

I was very bold and I believe I still am.

However, Lollia has a slightly different approach to dealing with her troubles and it’s not healthy at all.

She looks like the type of girls who doesn’t respect anyone one and will get pleasure from bullying others.

She looks like the type that would push the boundaries beyond its limits.

I’m going to keep it positive and not aggravate her, as I do not wish to escalate the situation.

ANABELLE: Look, we’ve got your back. We’re here for you.

LOLLIA: How do I know I can trust you?

ANABELLE: Just go with the plan. I’ve got your back.

LOLLIA: [jokingly] But you actually don’t.

ANABELLE: Just watch me.

LOLLIA: But I’m a little bit scared. He owns a few guns and he’s not afraid to use ‘em. What if he shoots one of us?

ANABELLE: Trust me he won’t.

TAMAKI: I’m a little scared, I would rather we be civil mannered and not escalate the problem.

ANABELLE: We’ll see. Shall we go?

LOLLIA: [sad] But… my bike?

ANABELLE: Hmm… It’s only going to slow us down and I am not up for pushing it.

TAMAKI: Neither am I.

LOLLIA: Aw, you guys suck.

ANABELLE: Dude, you can always get another one—

LOLLIA: But it won’t be the same!

TAMAKI: But at least you still have your dirt bike, do you?


Lollia begins running [home].

TAMAKI: Wait… Lola! Slow down!

Tamaki chases after Lollia.

Ah shit, here we go.

Time to get some exercise.

I doubt we’d run the entire way back seeing that it took us over twenty minutes to get here and it’s raining.

[sighs] What an encounter that was, but it’s interesting to say the least.

Started a little sketchy but I managed to remain calm throughout.

I was so close to losing my temper and bringing out my old self.

If I can get aggressively angry at will then imagine what sort of things I can pull off to get others or myself out of trouble, and the fear I can instil in the enemy; A cunning and malicious idea.

ROGUE ANABELLE: A cunning scheme indeed Anabelle. Malice is what we intend to do.

*lightning + thunder*

Anabelle snaps back to normal.

I should get going.

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