Anabelle is sitting in the garden area alone, petulant and contemplating about the little conversation that was had with Lollia.




ANABELLE: [frustrated] GRR-ARGH!

Why doesn’t anybody want me to go see him?

First, uncle and aunty refused me outright because they thought it would be safer I don’t meet him at all; Mr Scott also refused for the same reason and now mother [Rakaya] refuses… for the same reason.

They say he’s a dangerous man, a criminal and a man who doesn’t care at all.

I refuse to believe that because I haven’t met him and I, personally, don’t know what kind of person he his.

I’m not going to take people’s word for it unless I find out for myself, however

I’m sure he’ll be happy to see me, will he?

I know he will be.

Everyone one else has… a daddy they can look up to.

I’ve never had a father figure…


It really breaks my heart…

I bet my life would’ve been so different, perhaps a lot better…

Telling me stories, like Lollia’s father…

RAKAYA: Good morning Ana. Why are you up so early?


RAKAYA: What’s wrong? Why the long face?


RAKAYA: [concerned] Anne?

Rakaya takes a seat next to Anabelle.

RAKAYA: Is everything okay?


RAKAYA: Did something happen last night? Did…

ANABELLE: Everyone’s has or at least had a father. I’ve never met my father— Why is everyone keeping me away from him? You guys keep saying he’s dangerous—

RAKAYA: I know how you feel but… it’s true… You’re father is a criminal. I don’t know if I mentioned it to you but… you’re father is the one who… sexually assaulted me and… many other women. He’s even killed quite a lot… The reason why Mr Scott is keeping you away from him is because he wants to keep you safe. It would… ruin you… Your father doesn’t care about anyone. D’you think he really liked me? No, he doesn’t. I’m just lucky to be alive. Your mother was lucky to have not been killed. He’s not a nice man and it’s best to forget about ever meeting him. It won’t be good for your… temperament.

ANABELLE: Does Chris and Gab know?

RAKAYA: I… chose to not tell them about it in great detail. I don’t know if they’d understand, yet—

ANABELLE: But what would happen when… you decide to get married to… your boyfriend? A-And all the questions they’ll be asking?

RAKAYA: Well… I’m sure it’ll disturb them if I tell them now and I don’t know how they would react when they’re older… Well I guess you’re right.

ANABELLE: But they must be feeling the same way, right?

RAKAYA: Well actually… no. I’ve vaguely mentioned it to them. I never really told them the story because they’re too young. I don’t want to traumatise them at all. I don’t like talking about him because… he scares me. It’s bringing back that traumatising event—

RAKAYA: S-Sorry. I… just hate t-talking about it. It makes me feel insecure… I don’t want such things like that to happen to Chris and Gab. I’m… happy that I didn’t make the choice of… aborting them because I was too young. My parents were worried about me going ahead and having children but… I’m glad these two turned out well. They’re such a delight. Their smiles and big eyes make me feel happy inside… I’ve gone off on a tangent…

ANABELLE: But… you’ve managed them all on your own…

RAKAYA: By grace, yes I’ve managed— With some help from my family and friends. But perhaps you’re right; having a male figure would change the dynamics of this family.

ANABELLE: [sullen] I can only imagine…

RAKAYA: Be positive. You’re doing great, mentally. Don’t falter. I don’t want to see you upset — I don’t want to see any of you upset.

ANABELLE: All I ever ask and wish for is someone who can be a father to me. The only person whom I can consider greatly is Mr Scott. He understands me and I can’t express how much I appreciate his hard work. He may not have been able to take me places often, but he would break out of his “profession” and act like a normal human being, a person I can tell my problems to and have a laugh with, someone who would give me advice and life lessons… But it still bothers me that I don’t get to see my real father.

RAKAYA: Trust me, Anne, it’s for the best.

ANABELLE: No! I don’t want to believe that!

RAKAYA: Please… Anne…

ANABELLE: [cries] No!

Rakaya hugs Anabelle.

I… I can’t…

I want answers, but… nobody wants to give them to me.

Is he… really that bad?

What threat does he pose to me?

RAKAYA: Please, Anne… Don’t let that stress you out… I can only fear that if you were to ever see your father, it wouldn’t do you any good. I don’t want to keep on repeating myself but I can’t stress enough of just how… T-Trust me, you’re better off not knowing more or meeting your father.

ANABELLE: [furiously] GRRR!

Anabelle wrathfully leaves the patio.

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