Anabelle enters her room, slamming and locking the door behind her.

Lollia doesn’t appear to be in the room.

Probably, she’s in the toilet?

Anabelle sits on the side of her bed staring out of the window.

ANABELLE: [sighs] …

This is so… so…

I can’t hold back any more tears as they begin to stream down my face.

This hurts on an emotional level.

A combination of anger and despondency fills my heart.

*Knock, knock, knock*


Go away.

If you can’t give me answers… don’t bother me.

*Chk, chk*

It’s no use.

There’s no point in shutting myself away from the world, isolating and shadowing myself into a state of depression and… malice.

I don’t want to turn into Lollia, hating on the world because they don’t care and surely I don’t want to go back to being the old me, otherwise all this will be for nothing.

Mother has put all her effort into helping me and I’m ruining it.

Maybe she’s right.

Maybe… they’re all right…

Right about my father not caring about anyone.

*Knock, knock*

LOLLIA: Anne, could you open the door? Pleeease.

Anabelle gets up and unlocks the door.

Lollia enters.

LOLLIA: Thanks. Man I really need to take a sh—

LOLLIA: Dude, are you okay? What’s the matter?

ANABELLE: [sighs] Nothing.

LOLLIA: Then… why do you look upset? Did I do something wrong?


LOLLIA: Then… what is it? You’re s-scaring me. P-Please don’t hurt me…

ANABELLE: I’m not… [sighs] I… lied about my father. I’ve never met my father. The reason why I’m upset is because… you’re little story about your father got to me. I always wish I had a father like that to tell me stories and… to look up to.

LOLLIA: My father was awesome. He would take us to fun places and yeah…


LOLLIA: My brother and I; we’re not on good terms anymore… (That fucking idiot).

ANABELLE: Anyways… See what I mean? You had a lot of fun. That’s not to say I didn’t have fun, my mother did what she could but had my father been present things would probably had been better.

LOLLIA: So where’s your father now? Can’t he come home?


LOLLIA: No? Dude, how hard could it be?

ANABELLE: Because he’s… he’s a criminal, a prisoner and a violent man.

LOLLIA: That’s… unlucky. My granddad deserves to be in prison. I don’t know why he’s still out and alive.

ANABELLE: [sighs] That doesn’t help, Lola.

LOLLIA: Sorry.

ANABELLE: [sighs] It’s no use. I’ll never get to see him. Nobody wants me to see him.


ANABELLE: Because he’s dangerous. So it’s for my own safety that I don’t see him.

LOLLIA: Oh. Well that sucks. It no longer matters to me because my father and mother are… dead. Yeah I really miss ‘em— Hey, do you believe in time travel?

ANABELLE: It’s… an interesting concept but… no. I don’t.

LOLLIA: Hmm. I really wish I could travel back in time and prevent my parents from dying.

ANABELLE: I… I wish I did the same for my mother.

LOLLIA: But wait… isn’t she your mother?

ANABELLE: She’s my stepmother. My true mother died ten years ago. I wish she were still alive, but… I’m over that. It’s just the idea of not getting to meet my father is what’s bothering me now.

LOLLIA: Well then go. What’s stoppin’ ya?

ANABELLE: [upset] N-Nothing.

LOLLIA: Well… lighten up. I wanna go and play outside with Tam.

ANABELLE: I can guess that she’s grounded — An educated guess.

LOLLIA: It’s worth a try.

Christabelle walks into the room.

CHRISTABELLE: [animated] Goooood morning!


CHRISTABELLE: Well at least greet me.

ANABELLE: [sighs] Good morning.

CHRISTABELLE: Why the long face? Did I do something wrong?

LOLLIA: Thank goodness it’s not just me.

ANABELLE: No. I’m not mad at anybody. I’m just feeling a little down.

CHRISTABELLE: Oh. Mommy always encouraged us to be happy in the mornings because it’ll make your day go smoothly.

ANABELLE: That’s a little far fetched.

CHRISTABELLE: Just kiddin’, I thought of that myself— (I wonder if it does work…)

LOLLIA: Anyways, I need to go take a shower. It’s been a while I’ve said that word. Hey, uhm… do you have any spare bathing towels?


CHRISTABELLE: Mommy can give you one.

LOLLIA: Hmmm… It’s okay. I’ll find something. See you in a few.

Lollia leaves the room.

And just like that she leaves the room.

Chris looks to be in high spirits, staring at me with those big brown eyes and chirpy smile.

I can’t expect her to be feeling down in the dumps with such a big smile like that.

Her aura pacifies the rage within me… unfortunately, only by a little bit.

Somehow it’s making me feel better, nevertheless I wonder if she feels the same way about not having a father.

After all, we do have the same father, right?

I mean… mother must’ve mentioned it to them or at least they must’ve asked her.

ANABELLE: Hey, Chris?

CHRISTABELLE: [jubilant] Yes, big sister?

ANABELLE: Have you… ever thought about— Has mother ever mentioned… daddy to you?

A sudden look of perplexity overhauls her face as if I was speaking a foreign language.

For the most part, she doesn’t seem to have a clue of what I’m asking.

CHRISTABALLE: Uh… no. What daddy? Mommy hasn’t mentioned much of that before— Come to think of it, everyone else has daddies but we don’t. Is that a bad thing? Where’s your daddy?

ANABELLE: Um… well uh… This might come as a surprise to you but we share the same father. You understand that we’re siblings right? I am your half-sister.

CHRISTABELLE: But… h-how? I don’t understand you. Mommy has never mentioned that aspect to us and I never knew we had a daddy. Maybe this is a grown up thing.

Maybe this is a bad idea.

I don’t want to disturb her little mind with unforgiving imagery and words.

It’s a hard thing to bear but I don’t know how well she’ll process this information to be able to fully understand.

She seems very happy however, and the same goes for Gabriel.

They’re both just living life normally, so carefree and innocent.

I guess life is better for them this way.

What’s going to happen when mother’s… b-boyfriend moves in?

What’s going to happen when she gets married?

Will they fully understand the situation?

I suppose they’ll be old enough to grasp a sense of what’s going on.

I’m surprised mother has kept this secret from them.

Maybe it is for the best…

CHRISTABELLE: But… I find that difficult to understand… [disappointed] Oh no… I feel dumb.

ANABELLE: No, no. You’re not stupid.

CHRISTABELLE: But I don’t know who my daddy is, if we have one.

ANABELLE: I know we do, but… we’ll never see him.


ANABELLE: I ask that same question often, but… nothing. Don’t worry about it.

CHRISTABELLE: Well… I guess I’ll try and forget about it, but now that you brought it up it’ll be a little difficult to get my mind off it. However, it’s also something that’s been on both Gab’s and mine, but we didn’t think much of it. We thought that’s just how life is; some kids get both a daddy and mommy and some only get one or the other. Can’t we just buy one? Can’t mommy be a daddy?

ANABELLE: Uh… it’s nothing like that…

CHRISTABELLE: Just kiddin’…

ANABELLE: Well… n-never mind. Sorry I haven’t presented myself in a positive manner this morning. This whole “daddy” thing has been bothering me all night and morning. Don’t worry, go on and be happy…

CHRISTABELLE: But I can’t be happy if you’re sad and I don’t like seeing you sad. It makes me sad.

ANABELLE: Chris, seriously… don’t worry about it.

CHRISTABELLE: Are you sure?

ANABELLE: Yes, I’m sure.

CHRISTABELLE: Okay. I’m gonna have some breakfast. You know where to find me. See ya!

And wasting no more time she merrily leaves my room.

She’s too happy and young to fully understand what I’m talking about and the one thing that is important to her life, if it is important to her now.

Mother is perhaps all they ever need.

But that’s not gonna stop me from finding the answers I need.

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