Anabelle forces her way into Rakaya’s room.

Rakaya pauses her phone conversation and ultimately hangs up the phone.

RAKAYA: Anabe—

ANABELLE: Mother, can we have a serious talk?

RAKAYA: Uh… s-sure, but you’re gonna have to speak to me in a civilised tone—

ANABELLE: NO! I’m tired of people hiding things from me!

RAKAYA: Anne… wh-what’s wrong? Why are you like this?

ANABELLE: I demand that I go see my father!

RAKAYA: [sternly] Anne, this is absurd and also outright excessive. I get that we’ve been hiding your father from you and so on, but there is a reason and you know it.

ANABELLE: I don’t care—

RAKAYA: [angrily] Watch. Your. Tone! Miss!

ANABELLE: I will go out of my way to find the answers if you refuse to help me.

RAKAYA: Anne, like Mr Scott, your aunt and myself all said, you are not and will not see your father.

ANABELLE: Fuck you!

Rakaya’s entire demeanour alters: her hair turns dark red, her eyes become hollow and her skin becomes pale and cracked.


ANABELLE: [gasps] !

Rakaya returns to her normal state.

Realising what just happened she stares at Anabelle who is shaking in fear.

ANABELLE: [shocked] Gh-gh-c-I-I c-can’t. I… c-c-can’t…

RAKAYA: Anne? I’m… sorry. I’m s-sorry you had to… wi-witness that…

What… wh-what just happened?

What in the f-fuck just happened?

I’m… s-s-speechless.

I would’ve n-never thought she’d have the s-same ability I possess…

Wh-what does this mean?

I thought that I was the only one who has such… ability.

Mother may not seem to be the person I thought she would be.

Oh no… this is bringing back some bad visions—

Reliving the dark moments of the past…

It’s making me wonder if Chris and Gab inherit the same ability.

N-No… I can’t let that drag me down…


Anabelle remains frozen in place speechless and frightened.

Christabelle walks into the room.

CHRISTABELLE: Mommy, is everything all right? I heard shouting.

RAKAYA: Everything’s… fine sweetie. We we’re just…

CHRISTABELLE: It didn’t sound fine to me. It sounded pretty aggressive and it scared me.

Gabriel walks into the room holding his head and off-balance.

GABRIEL: [groaning] M-Mom, I don’t feel so well…

RAKAYA: [to Gabriel] Just a second sweetie. [to Anabelle] Anne, I’ll… make a phone call to Mr Scott and I’ll talk to you later. Go get some… fresh air…

I’m still… confused.

I don’t know if some fresh air would benefit and pacify my fear.

I’ll go outside and… “reflect”.

I don’t know what good will come from it but I should… consider getting out of the house.

ANABELLE: O…kay. I’ll g-go out…side.

RAKAYA: Oh and uh… take Chris with you.


GABRIEL: [agonised + sobbing] Ow… my head.

RAKAYA: [to Gabriel] Come to mommy.

Anabelle and Christabelle leave the room. 

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