Anabelle, Lollia and Christabelle are leisurely walking through the neighbourhood.

CHRISTABELLE: [to Anabelle] Is everything all right?

LOLLIA: Yeah, what was all that shoutin’ about?

ANABELLE: Don’t… worry. It’s got nothing to do with y’all.

LOLLIA: O…kay. Movin’ on. What do you guys do for “fun” around here?

CHRISTABELLE: Hmm… We often play out in the garden at home. Mommy doesn’t let us out of the house on my own that often.

LOLLIA: That sucks. But you’re on your own now—

CHRISTABELLE: I guess so. By the way, we haven’t been properly introduced. I’m Christabelle.

LOLLIA: It’s… nice to meet you. I’m Lola or… Lollia… Just call me Lola. Don’t wear it out.

CHRISTABELLE: Nice to meet you Lola. Say… What brings you to our home?

LOLLIA: Well… I heard it’s a nice neighbourhood—


LOLLIA: And… well, I got kicked out of my house so… here I am.

CHRISTABELLE: Oh… That’s… cool. What do you do for “fun”?

LOLLIA: I like to run around and do what ever I want. That includes breakin’ stuff, fighting, swearing and just being all round me. I don’t like being told what to do, otherwise I’ll get really mad.

CHRISTABELLE: Oh… Uhm… Mommy wouldn’t allow that kind of behaviour. She’d shout at me.

LOLLIA: I’d shout back if I were you. Don’t let an adult tell you what to do.

ANABELLE: Lola, shut up. You’re not gonna influence my sister in a negative way.

LOLLIA: Oh whatever. I’d rather do my own thing. Ugh, you guys are boring.

ANABELLE: I’m not in the mood for your nonsense right now.

LOLLIA: What the fuck did I do now?

CHRISTABELLE: [gasps] You said the ‘F’ word. I’m tellin’ mom!

LOLLIA: Oh shut up.

ANABELLE: [sternly] Lola?

LOLLIA: You’re not holding out on me, are you?

ANABELLE: Stop it. Or else I’ll really get mad!

CHRISTABELLE: Stop fightin’!

Oh… the tables have turned.

I’ve taught her well and now she’s telling us to stop fighting.

What’s got into her?

She been acting a lot more sincere recently and less of a bully.

That’s… a good indication of development…

She’s maturing…

However, Lola doesn’t look too happy about being shouted at.

LOLLIA: Don’t shout at me you lil—

ANABELLE: Hey, step off! We didn’t come out here to argue and fight. I need to clear my mind. I will not tolerate any more bickering and pathetic comments from you. Just shut up or else…

LOLLIA: Can I get a break? Everyone just victimises me—

ANABELLE: [severely] No one is victimising you. I’m simply requesting— No, advising that you do not talk to my sister like that or else there will be serious trouble. Do you understand?

LOLLIA: [timidly] S-Sorry.

Her attitude changed fast

LOLLIA: Hey uh… where does Tammy live? I wanna go meet her.

ANABELLE: I can show you but… I don’t think she’ll be coming out for the next few days.

LOLLIA: That’ll do for me.

ANABELLE: Fine. But I don’t plan on staying out for too long.

Sorry to kill the mood but I’m trying to keep as calm as possible, enter a mode of Zen to relax my mind, but Lola here still hasn’t grasp the ability to respect people.

I can’t let Christabelle be disrespected like that and I won’t tolerate it.

If this problem persists then I can send her ass back home to her uncaring granddad.

Let me calm myself down.

We can start over with a civilised conversation…

ANABELLE: Hey uh… Chris, how has school been?

CHRISTABELLE: It’s been all right, I guess, nothing of interest. However, the teachers in our year are planning a field trip to the science museum. Sounds a little boring, but it’s different.

ANABELLE: How are you in general?

CHRISTABELLE: I’ve been okay. I’ve taken your words on board and I’ve really put a lot of thought into the way I behave and treat people. Gab and I have been helping each other with homework— Also, we stood up together to verbally combat a bully. It’s been a while since we actually worked together.

ANABELLE: That’s good to hear.

LOLLIA: [whining] Ugh… I’m tired. This is looooong.

ANABELLE: Get used to it.

LOLLIA: You sound like my parents.

CHRISTABELLE: Yeah, you sound like mommy. She often says that to us whenever we complain.

ANABELLE: Well… get used to it.

LOLLIA: Hey, do you go to school?

ANABELLE: I’m home schooled. I used to go to school but… things didn’t go as planned, so… I opted to be home schooled.

LOLLIA: Oh. School sucked for me. I got kicked out few months ago and my granddad hasn’t been bothered to get me into a new one. Not that I would care.

CHRISTABELLE: But I “kinda” like school. School is fun and you can learn a lot.

LOLLIA: Maybe for you, nerd, but I rather not. School sucks.


LOLLIA: Sorry.

Chris usual would bite back, but I don’t if she’s found a change of heart or if she finds Lola a little intimidating.

Either way, I’ve got her back.

CHRISTABELLE: So what do you do instead?

LOLLIA: I run around freely and no one can tell me what to do.

CHRISTABELLE: I can’t do that. Mommy would get angry and plus you get to do a lot of cool things like making lots of friends. Forget about the boring stuff.

LOLLIA: That’s easy for you to say.

ANABELLE: Speaking of friends: Chris, do you have any friends in this neighbourhood?


ANABELLE: But you’re usually good at that.

CHRISTABELLE: I know, but I haven’t been able to mingle or ac-acquaint myself with the other kids even when mommy takes us to the park. But that doesn’t really faze me because I have lots of friends in school.

ANABELLE: Do you ever invite them home?

CHRISTABELLE: Sometimes, but only my best friends. They get top priority over everyone else.

ANABELLE: What are your standards to become your best friend?

CHRISTABELLE: Obviously we need to know one another for a long time, share secrets, trust is a must and have fun together. I only have a select few of best friends. I can almost consider them family.

ANABELLE: Intriguing…

LOLLIA: No fair. I only have… one—no… t-two friends.

CHRISTABELLE: You don’t need to have a lot of friends. One trustworthy friend is enough.

ANABELLE: That depends on what type of person you are. But she’s right; you don’t need to have hundreds of friends. Tamaki is your best friend.

LOLLIA: But I’m terrible at making new friends.

ANABELLE: We can work on that. Which reminds me, Tamaki and I were thinking about starting up our own band—

LOLLIA: Oh… uh… yeah. We did talk about that a long time ago.

CHRISTABELLE: [animated] Oh, oh, I wanna join. I can be your lead singer: [tuneful] “It’s a sun-ny day and we come out to play!”

ANABELLE: Uh… that was very jovial.

CHRISTABELLE: [merry] Thanks.

They arrive at The Kin residence.

ANABELLE: Well… here it is.

LOLLIA: Thanks. So I guess she’s grounded and we won’t see her for probably a week, which is mega lame.

ANABELLE: Don’t worry. She’ll be fine.

LOLLIA: It is a nice house and I can see why they moved here. I wish she took me with her.

ANABELLE: Let’s head back before mother gets worried.

LOLLIA: What are we gonna do for the rest of the day?

ANABELLE: I don’t know.

CHRISTABELLE: We were gonna go out shopping, but poor Gabriel is ill. I guess we can play in the back garden, play board games or watch TV.

ANABELLE: I’m fine with anything.

LOLLIA: I’ll just follow along, but I wish I could ride my bike around. This road looks really nice and smooth.

CHRISTABELLE: You have a bike?

LOLLIA: Yeah, but I can’t find the key for it so… it’s going nowhere.

ANABELLE: Mother won’t let you ride it anyways.

LOLLIA: She can’t dictate me.

CHRISTABELLE: How about we race home?

ANABELLE: I’d love to challenge you but I’m not really in a good mood.

LOLLIA: I’ll race ya! On your marks… Get set… Go!


And… they’re off.

I’ll take my time and walk back.

I can only imagine the morose telling off mother is going to instil to me.

ANABELLE: [sighs] …

This is going to be a long and dreary day.

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