Anabelle, Rakaya and Mr Scott are sitting in the room.

RAKAYA: Sorry to disturb on your Sunday off Mr Scott.

LUCAS: Not a problem, Ms Rue. [to Anabelle] So Anabelle, how are you?

ANABELLE: I’m not stupid; I know what this is about.

LUCAS: We didn’t imply that you were. Your mother called me because she was concerned about your well-being and to my understanding you raised something that I know you and I spoke of a couple times, this being the third. Anne, there is a reason why we say things especially when talking about… your father and I sure you understand what we have discussed in the past. Even your aunt agreed with me… Anne, I know this is a very difficult thing to grasp but as I’ve mentioned previously, and I’m sure your mother has mentioned it also, you will not see your father. It’s for your own safety and well-being.

ANABELLE: I understand. I’m just… upset— in fact I’m jealous. Everyone’s got a father and I don’t. It’s not fair!

LUCAS: I understand that you are distraught and I’m sure your mother does too.

RAKAYA: Yes, also not every child is born with a father or mother and I know it’s hard to cope knowing that there’s a vital puzzle piece missing in your life. The missing puzzle piece may be a good thing for some; creating a positive outcome, but for some they ultimately do well without that piece. You don’t need him. He is a problem and there’s nothing you can do.

LUCAS: Yes. Besides you’ve always looked up to your uncle and myself, and even considered us like father figures. I know I should maintain a professional persona, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a heart.

ANABELLE: I… g-guess so. [cries] It’s n-not fair. This isn’t fair. The one thing I’ve always wanted and… the one thing I’ve always asked for: denied.

RAKAYA: We’re sorry, Anne. It’s tough, but that’s the reality and you just have to accept it. How hard was it to accept me as your mother? I know I do not have the same qualities as your biological mother but at least I care about, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. Mr Scott and I, and your family, have put a lot of effort to help you… The point is you shouldn’t hang on to the past. You have the tools to set your life straight and… bringing your actually… father, a violent man, a monster, a criminal into your life will not do you any good… [cries] S-sorr— E-Excuse me.

LUCAS: Listen, Anne we’re here for you. I’m still around, and if you need anything feel free to call me. I know I’m often busy but I can try to make time for you. However, Ms Rue is all you’ll need. You’re growing up… Become better than your father. Don’t become like him. You’ve already been convicted once; don’t make the same mistake a second time.

ANABELLE: [sobbing] …

RAKAYA: If it makes you feel better, I can invite your cousins over next Sunday.


LUCAS: Listen uh… It’s been good to see you again and I look forward to seeing your progress. I do need to get going. I’ve got some important paper work to finish off before midnight. Call me if you need anything.

RAKAYA: Will do Mr Scott. See you soon.

LUCAS: Hey Anne, keep your head held high. Okay?


LUCAS: Good. I’ll be going now. Have a good evening.

Lucas leaves the house.

I guess they’re right.

I need to move on and focus on the future.

Develop myself and keep level-headed.

RAKAYA: Anne, I’m sorry…

ANABELLE: [saddened] It’s okay. I get it. You mentioned that you’ve encountered him before?

RAKAYA: Yes, but… It wasn’t a friendly encounter.

ANABELLE: Did he hurt you?

RAKAYA: [cries + gulps] Y-Yes… [cries] He assaulted me. He also threatened to… kill me after he was done. I’m not his only victim, but the event that took place ten years ago still… haunts me. Every time I hear of his name or reminded of his vile, hideous face it… scares me— Not that you’re… like him, but he really does scare me. All those other people he’s hurt all say that he’s scary. Make this a warning. He doesn’t care about you or anyone. Imagine all those other women he assaulted, you may have other siblings that you’ll probably never see or know about. They’re probably asking the same question. They probably have the same characteristics as you, your brother or your sister. However, you’re not any less significant than the unknown siblings. You’re special and I can feel it.

ANABELLE: That’s… all sad and… interesting. I never thought it’d be this bad. I never thought he would be this bad.

RAKAYA: Well now you know.

ANABELLE: [agitated] And the fact that he hurt you and… mommy!

RAKAYA: Anne, calm down. You’re getting riled up again.

Rakaya hugs Anabelle.

RAKAYA: Shh… it’s okay. It’s okay.

ANABELLE: Can I… ask you something?

RAKAYA: Go ahead.

ANABELLE: How… did you… transform yourself?


ANABELLE: …Mother?

RAKAYA: I’m sorry you had to see that. It’s only rare that I ever do that. It’s nothing to worry about.

RAKAYA: I need to check on your brother. He’s been ill all morning.

ANABELLE: I hope he’s okay.

RAKAYA: He probably ate something that his stomach didn’t agree with. He’ll be fine. Go cheer yourself up. You can’t be upset for the whole day; it’s not good for you.

ANABELLE: I’ll go watch some TV for a bit.

RAKAYA: Good. Well I’m gonna comfort my little prince. Oh and uh… please keep and eye on your sister and your friend. Make sure they’re not vandalising the patio.

ANABELLE: Will do.

Some TV should calm my nerves and distract me until bedtime, but what’s there to watch that would entertain me for the next several hours?

I suppose I can go back and forth between watching TV and playing with Chris and Lola.

All together, I need to relax and get my head together.

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