Anabelle is having trouble falling asleep.


I can’t get my mind off of what mother said.

It really bother’s me that father would do such a thing to her.

What was his motive?

What reason did he have to hurt her and my actually mother?


Fuck, it makes me so angry that I wish I knew where he is.

I would go in there and pound his face in with a fist of fury.

ANABELLE: [sighs] …

A black shadowy figure emerges from the wall near the bedroom door.

???: We can take you there.


???: Follow us, Little One.

Not this again.

I thought I was through with all this.

???: This time is different. We will not torment you further.

The shadowy figure opens up the door revealing a black portal.

A sudden blast of humming and chime fills the room.

That’s loud…

Anabelle looks at Lollia who is sleeping comfortably on the floor.

???: Worry not, Little One. She will not suspect a thing. You are still asleep.

The figure enters the portal.

Do I dare follow after it?

It did say to me that it wouldn’t hurt me.

Anabelle gets out of bed and approaches the portal.

This is strange.

The door opened up to a portal that seems to be denying me access to the rest of the house

I guess I have no choice but to enter.

Well… here goes… something…

Anabelle steps through the portal.



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