Anabelle falls to the ground after being thrown out of the portal.


She gets up off the floor and looks around the area confused.

The hallway is dark and dilapidated, cold and misty.

ANABELLE: W-Where am I?

???: You want to see your father, are we right?


???: Well then. Follow us.

Anabelle follows the figure.

What is this place?

It’s… It’s horrible.

This place is reminiscent of the prison I once… r-resided.

If I want answers then I have no choice but to follow this… spectre.

I’m familiar with its protocol but I thought we’d be past this point.

I thought I’d never encounter something like this ever again.

???: Foolish, Little One! Open your eyes. Open your mind. Take advantage of this moment. There are many more to come.

ANABELLE: What do you mean?

???: You are a key to unfolding secrets hidden from the common being. However, anything and everything you discover here must not be disclosed voluntarily. This significant intelligence will impact you and those around you. A wise one will know the secrets of the higher-ups and their intentions. This may not be for you but at the minimum you will know what to anticipate. On the other hand, there are things we can show you that are not of this realm. Think of these discoveries as a tool.

ANABELLE: I’m n-not sure if I follow.

???: In due time, Little One.

And without another word it continues its path through the dark hallway.

I sense no danger at all from being in its presence.

It’s not that I’m used to it, but it is most likely that it will no longer harm me…

???: We will not torment you, Little One.


We walked a little further and soon came to a stop.

We stopped in front of a door that had a sign that read “Interrogation Room”.

I’m not sure what much to expect, but… I am going to be interrogated?

… And for what?

What did I do?

???: Enter, Little One.

ANABELLE: You’re not c-coming with me?

???: Never mind us, Little One. We will wait patiently for you. This task only involves the subject and yourself. However, you may end your encounter at anytime. There are no consequences for doing so, other than missing information that may be integral to you and many others.

ANABELLE: Will anything happen to me?

???: Be quick, Little One, before we change our mind.

I stop myself from speaking any further.

There’s nothing else to say, so I may as well do as stated and go in.

Anabelle slowly opens the door.


ANABELLE: [gasps] …!

Before me is a man sitting at a table staring right back at me, is hands bound by chains and wearing a dark blue jumpsuit.

C-Could it be…?

The room is covered in darkness with only a single light bulb at the centre of the room.

It’s hard to identify anything in this room.

This is a very eerie interrogation setting…

With caution I slowly walk in taking small steps at a time, drawing closer and closer to the vacant chair assigned to me.

The door slams shut.

*SLAM, clang, chk*

ANABELLE: [jolts + gasps] …!

He’s just staring at me, not moving a muscle, motionless like a block of cement.

This is very unsettling.

His eyes are just piercing my soul and his smile is very… creepy.

He truly does look like a demented… psy-psycho killer.

I’ll slowly take my seat maintaining eye contact despite the awkwardness.


ANABELLE: [nervously] H-Hi… uhm…


Not a peep from him.

He’s just creepily staring at me.

I don’t even know if he has blinked yet but it’s startling me.

I can’t even look at him for much longer.

I feel his stare gnawing at my soul and melting my mind with every passing second.


Mother was right.                                      

I should’ve just listened and moved on from this.

This can’t be my father.

This is all a hoax— lies to deceive me just to make me never see him.

I d-don’t believe this.

MAN: [menacingly] Hello.

ANABELLE: [gasps] Gh-

His… His low, sinister voice sent a shiver down my spine.

He moves a little closer which makes me even more uncomfortable.

MAN: Well… aren’t you gonna talk?

The very cheek of him…

ANABELLE: [nervously] Gh…

MAN: Well then. I think I’m wasting my time.

ANABELLE: Who ar-are you?

MAN: I am the man you’ve wanted to see, am I right?

ANABELLE: [surprised] What?

Was he expecting me?

If so, then w-who told him?


MAN: [wrathfully] ANSWER ME!

ANABELLE: [scared] Arrgh! I’m s-sorry— Yes…

MAN: What the fuck do you want, Ana?

ANABELLE: H-How d’you know… my name?

MAN: [smirks] Hmhmhm. ‘Cause, I am your father. The infamous Sandro Lazzarani.

ANABELLE: [shocked] N-No! That’s not true.

SANDRO: Is it not? Fine, I think I’m wasting my time here—


SANDRO: [menacingly] Then speak to me. Let’s talk; have a… father and daughter time together.

ANABELLE: What d-do you want me to t-talk about?

SANDRO: [irate] Anything! [smirks] However, we can start with a basic conversation opener. How is my little princess?


SANDRO: [menacingly] Yes, precisely. After all, you are my daughter, right? I believe it was the day I fucked your mother, Rashana Kelly Monica Rosario. Hmhmhm. No doubt, it was a good fuck. Her screams, groans and moans made it all worth the moment, and she was lucky enough to have been let go otherwise I would’ve killed her. But I chose to spare her life. It’s a shame she conceived a pathetic child like you and it’s unfortunate that she died. Pity.

ANABELLE: Sh-Shut up! And how did you know her name?

His tone provokes me.

I can feel a wrathful sensation building up within me.

Every word that left his mouth strikes hard against my mind and stabs me in the heart.

He’s so… thoughtless and… v-vile.

The more I listen to him the angrier I get.

How could he do such a thing?

To Mother?


ANABELLE: Why? Why did you do it?

SANDRO: Whoa, calm down o child of mine. After all we are just organisms living on the sphere floating through space. I believe in the saying “Be fruitful and multiply”—

ANABELLE: That doesn’t justify your actions. What was the motive? YOU FUCK!

SANDRO: [menacingly] I’d watch that tongue of yours or else I’d do the same to you.

ANABELLE: [shocked] You’re… g-gh gah… You’re disgusting!

SANDRO: Call me whatever you like—

ANABELLE: But you hurt many other people—

SANDRO: And I don’t care. You’re mother was young and sweet so I did what I had to do. Unlike most of my other victims she lived. Maybe I should’ve killed her there and then so not to create a futile bitch like you.


SANDRO: [smirks] Go on. Get angry. What’s done is done. Besides your mother wasn’t the only one. There were a few others who got lucky, and there is one that got me to where I am now: Such a beautiful little girl who was, in a way, not so lucky.


SANDRO: I don’t recall getting her name but I can describe her to you, but why would you care?

ANABELLE: Because I do. You’re a monster.

SANDRO: Go on. Release your anger I know you have the sudden urge to flip this table, punch me repeatedly in the face and rip my head off—

ANABELLE: And I will do it.

SANDRO: No you will not. Besides you haven’t spoke about yourself. Tell me, how’s life?

ANABELLE: Better than yours.

SANDRO: But I’ve already enjoyed my life. I’ve got nothin’ to lose. I’ve already served my purpose. What’s your purpose? What do you want to be when you’re older?

ANABELLE: Nothing like you.

SANDRO: But you’ve already served time, right?

ANABELLE: Shut up!

SANDRO: You’re no better than I am. You’re a murderer.

ANABELLE: Fuck you. I’m no longer am.

SANDRO: But in society, once you’ve made a negative impact on others due to your actions you’ll forever be labelled an outcast. In your case: a murderer. Even if you love your family with all your heart you are still a murderer.

ANABELLE: And what are you?

SANDRO: A psychotic killer, a criminal. I can’t hide that fact.

ANABELLE: What else?

SANDRO: A renegade of society. We’re all just a pawn in this corrupt system.


SANDRO: Anything else you’d like to share, my princess? Look at you… such beautiful hazel eyes, dark skin and dark long hair.

ANABELLE: Screw you!

SANDRO: Very well. I’ll continue my story of this beautiful lass. I was walking along the street in my disguise and I so happen to have seen this girl was walking home alone. She was by herself and it was a quiet street. She had very long hair and very soft and… spotless skin. Her eyes glowed a very beautiful shade of purple—


SANDRO: I couldn’t resist. She was too beautiful…

ANABELLE: You disgusting fuck.

SANDRO: Call me whatever you like, it doesn’t affect me in any way. Moving on… This girl was and probably is the most beautiful I had ever come across and a nice pussy as well. If I were to meet her again I would have my way with her—

ANABELLE: [cries] Shut up. I know exactly who you’re talking about.

SANDRO: Oh you do? So tell me, how is she? Does she miss me?

ANABELLE: As a matter of fact, no she doesn’t. Nobody does.

SANDRO: [sarcastically] Oh… I’m sorry.

ANABELLE: Shut up. She just so happens to be my stepmother.

SANDRO: That’s no surprise to me. You have quite a few stepmothers and there is a possibility that you have many siblings.


Anabelle ferociously gets out of the chair.

She throws the chair across the room.


ANABELLE: FUCK! Fuck you! [cries] Fuck you.

Anabelle approaches the door.

SANDRO: I still haven’t told you my other stories. Are you just gonna end our reunion?

ANABELLE: [sullen] Yes. I’ve heard enough from you. You’re not my father… anymore. I’ve found better people in my life now: people who care. You’re pathetic. I’ll live my life… without you.

Anabelle exits the room shutting the door behind her.


SANDRO: Farewell… my precious, pathetic child. Kiss, kiss.

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