Anabelle is lying on her bed reading a book.

Lollia enters the room.

LOLLIA: Hey— Are you reading?

ANABELLE: What’s wrong with reading?

LOLLIA: ‘Cause… reading is for nerds.

ANABELLE: Are you gonna argue with me?

*Chk, chk, squeak*

Rakaya enters the house.

RAKAYA: Good morning girls.

ANABELLE: Morning mother.

LOLLIA: G’mornin. Hey, is reading for nerds?

RAKAYA: Erm… n-no. Reading is for everyone.

LOLLIA: Well… I don’t read. Reading sucks and it’s boring.

ANABELLE: Maybe for you.

RAKAYA: Reading can improve your vocabulary and literacy skills.

LOLLIA: What’s that suppose to mean?

ANABELLE: Start reading and you’ll find out yourself.


RAKAYA: Well… anyways, Lola we need to have our little one-to-one session after we come back from our little shopping spree.

LOLLIA: Oh yeah… Can I go outside after we’re done?

RAKAYA: Hmmm… I’ll decide later.

LOLLIA: [frustrated] Ugh! I’m gonna go shower, again.

RAKAYA: Well you go do that and please don’t block the drain.


ANABELLE: Don’t… argue.

LOLLIA: Ugh. You guys hate me. Whatever…

Lollia leaves the room.

RAKAYA: Anne can we… talk for a moment?


RAKAYA: It’s about yesterday—

ANABELLE: I’m sorry I got mad at you. It was very wrong of me to have done that and I felt really bad. However, you are right— I should just forget about ever seeing my father, I know what kind of person he is—

RAKAYA: What? H-How d’you know that? How d’you… What?

ANABELLE: It’s kinda weird to explain without coming across as “crazy”, but I was taken into the… Abyss and… I faced him. We talked—

RAKAYA: Sorry to cut you off, but are you sure you weren’t dreaming?

ANABELLE: I’m sure. It all seemed very real. The way he spoke made it hard to believe but it all made sense. He was very disrespectful and vile— I can’t believe he did that to you and mother and all the other women he spoke about.

RAKAYA: Anne, I want to believe you, but this… th-this sounds like you were perhaps just dreaming…

ANABELLE: You don’t have to believe now. I’m over it. I don’t want to see or ever think about my father again. He doesn’t care about me or anyone else.

RAKAYA: So you really did… meet him? How is that possible?

ANABELLE: Mother? I have a secret that I haven’t revealed to you in great detail. Remember I spoke about hearing voices and that other stuff? I… I have an adversary who takes me through black portals into the Abyss and it shows me secrets and… things to be discovered. Th-There is a part of me that I now have control over and I can… become frenzied at any given time… This thing is a part of my life and lives within me. From what it said, it’s been with me after I woke up from my coma.

RAKAYA: Wh-What d’you mean? It’s not…

ANABELLE: Mother, this is what I’m talkin’ about…

Anabelle forces her alteration: Her eyes turn fully black, her skin forms fissures emitting a faint red glow, her physique grows muscular and her smile widens from ear-to-ear.

RAKAYA: [stunned] !… Wh- Gh-gh- Arrgh! [wails]

ROGUE ANABELLE: Do not fear me mother.

RAKAYA: [frightened] But…

Anabelle returns to normal.

ANABELLE: Sorry mother. I thought I should reveal that secret to you. I didn’t mean to scare you, but I also didn’t expect you to possess the same ability.

RAKAYA: What! Wh-What…?

ANABELLE: Mother, I know you have the same thing as I do and I am familiar with it. I have many other things that I… feel I should confess to you.

RAKAYA: You haven’t used that form to… harm anyone, have you?

ANABELLE: Not recently. This was whilst I was in prison I had to take care of some issues, however I didn’t have much control over my actions. Ever since leaving jail I’ve been given control over my actions now so I can use it at will.

RAKAYA: Anne… I’ll confess and… I know exactly what you’re talking about. I personally don’t know how I inherited that persona and I didn’t mean to scare you like that. I…

ANABELLE: Never mind, mother. You don’t have to explain it to me. I understand now.

RAKAYA: Who else knows about this?

ANABELLE: Only my friends and yourself. Nobody else.

RAKAYA: Oh. I haven’t told anyone about my alteration. How d’you think your brother and sister would react?

ANABELLE: It will probably ruin them. Seriously, they would be scared. They probably won’t be expecting that from both of us and they will probably look at us as imposters.

RAKAYA: I know. I got worried when Chris came into the room yesterday. I just lost control of my emotions…

ANABELLE: I’m sorry I triggered that.

RAKAYA: It’s okay. I’m just mystified about how you actually met your father. It sounds… unreal—

ANABELLE: Mother, don’t worry. I’ll forget about him and move on with my life. I’ve seen it all and you were right.

RAKAYA: Don’t beat yourself up. It only takes one thing to really make you think and make your decision… Anyhow, I’m going to check on your brother, he’s still feeling ill and I’m a little worried. My poor baby.

GABRIEL: [crying] MOM!

RAKAYA: Oh no. Excuse me. I should get going. Also, Mrs Ryon should be on her way soon. So get yourself ready. I’m going to check on Gab and then take Lola out shopping. There’s something about her that intrigues me…

GABRIEL: [crying] MOMMY!

RAKAYA: Oh… gotta go. He’s probably about to vomit again. Talk to you later.

Rakaya leaves the room.

ANABELLE: [exhales] … I’m glad I got that off my chest and mind…

Anabelle stares out of the bedroom window.

I’m not entirely proud of my actions yesterday and the things I said to hurt mother.

My behaviour was unwarranted…

Thanks to my inner self I was shown the undeniable truth about my father.

ANABELLE: [sighs] …

Mother mentioned inviting my cousins over next Sunday, that’d be a delight to meet them again.

Other than that, I wonder what other activities I can do that’ll keep me entertained.

I can’t imagine doing the same things repeatedly.

I wouldn’t mind attending music workshops or… some sort of workshop that’ll keep me active.

GABRIEL: NO! Not the medicine!

RAKAYA: Stop. This will make you feel better…


ANABELLE: [chuckles] Hmhm…

I remember when I used to get ill; throwing up, lack of appetite and an excruciating migraine that would often hurt my left eye.

There were times that it got really bad and I thought I was going to die.

But I didn’t, thanks to mother.

That aside, I should get myself prepared for Mrs Ryon’s arrival, but first let me see how little brother is doing.

I haven’t seen much of him and I hope his illness isn’t life threatening.

I’m sure he’ll recover.

He’s strong.

I haven’t spent a lot of time with him.

I guess I got nested in my own personal attempted vendetta, I forgot the real world around me.

I feel so selfish.

I’ve had enough negativity yesterday…

Chris is right; I should focus on being positive.

Maybe I should go and give brother some company.

That should make us both feel positive.

I can’t believe I’m actually taking advice from my nine-year-old sister, but she’s right.

However, I really should focus on starting my day with a positive attitude.

I can’t keep being mad at something that’s only going to keep dragging me down mentally.

Anabelle continue to stare out of the window, admiring the sunlit scenery of the peaceful neighbourhood.

She looks up into the blue sky and smiles.



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